Jesse Pinkman | Iconic/Famous Buyer Persona Template Example

Buyer Personas are essential to driving effectively all of your marketing endeavors and decisions. You can also find out who your ideal clients are and create effective marketing texts and materials based on their needs and interests. Additionally, you can design empathetic user experiences with their help.

Although Buyer Personas are extremely important, we’ve decided to give them a little twist by drawing inspiration from some famous and iconic movie, television, and series characters. This allows us to maintain an educational approach while simultaneously adding fun and joy.

📌 Character & Serie Introduction

Anyways, the first ever character to debut in this Iconic/Famous Buyer Persona Template Collection by GETitOUT is Jesse Pinkman, one of the main characters from the successful TV show Breaking Bad.

Who is Jesse Pinkman? | Breaking Bad synopsis  🧪

Well, in case you were trapped in a small town with no TV and Internet from 2008 to 2013, let’s have a brief Breaking Bad and Jesse Pinkman introduction.

This American crime drama television series follows up the story of Walter “Heisenberg” White (Bryan Cranston), a chemistry teacher that made very atypical decisions (meth-making included) to afford his medical expenses due to his recent cancer diagnosis.

He decided to enter into the drugs and crime world and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), a former student, ended up being his first assistant to become powerful in this world.

Despite the latest episode being released on September 29, 2013, 9 years later the iconicity of both Jesse and Walter is almost as great as during their prime. 5 seasons and 62 episodes later, we decided to bring back Jesse, but this time under a Buyer Persona Template (including demographics, firmographics, pains, goals, and curious facts).

🌎 Demographics (age, gender, location, annual income, etc.)

Any basic Buyer Persona profile or template should include demographic data research. It is important because this information gives you a brief background of your Buyer Persona based on actual real data. This is all made with the purpose of knowing more about your ideal customers.

If you’re struggling with getting real data, read this article to learn about websites that can help you strengthening your Buyer Persona Research.

So, let’s begin with it: basic data and statistics (such as age, residence, gender, etc.) about our dear Mr. Pinkman.

  • Location: Breaking Bad was filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but at the end of the season he managed to escape to Haines, Alaska to pursue and live a new peaceful life.
  • Age: Jesse was born on September 24, 1983. By the final chapters of the series, he should be at least 25 years old, and in his appearance in “El Camino” he turned 26, but with a fifty years old man look on his face.
  • Gender: Male. According to his personal website, one of his interests are “Milfs”, so there should be no doubt.
  • Annual Income: Looper (2020), made the math and over the course of the first 4 seasons, Jesse managed to gather a gross total of $7.8 million from his meth-cook entrepreneurship. The official Breaking Bad timeline was set for 2 years, so let’s say Jesse made up to $ 3.9 million per year.
  • Education: Officially and having received a diploma, Jesse got graduated from high school despite his lame grades. However, as a chemist and manufacturer, we have to admit that he deserves at least a Bachelor’s Degree 😂.
  • Marital status: Single, and no children. Having a drug empire leaves no time for raising a child. However. Jesse showed us his seduction skills and we met some of his girlfriends and lovers throughout the whole plot.

    🏬 Firmographics

    Despite being very similar to demographics, firmographics have a very important distinction. Unlike demographics, which target people who might represent potential clients, firmographics are used by companies to target other companies as potential clients.

    People vs. Organizations – B2C vs. B2B interests.

    This is why Mr. ‘Jesse Jackson’ is the perfect fictional character to unchain these Iconic/Famous Buyer Persona Template blog series by GETitOUT. As mentioned above, he was in a charge of a massive drug organization and, despite its illegitimacy, firmographics can still be applied.

    Let’s take a look!

    • Job Titles: Every Breaking Bad fan had the chance to see how Cap’n Cook went from a part-time high school student to a master chemist, meth manufacturer, and a big fish/owner of a criminal organization.
    • Seniority: Back in 2008, when no one was talking that much about entrepreneurship, Mr. Driscoll threw some gems on how to be a business owner (as well as the boss of a major drug organization).
    • Company Regions: Pinkman’s organization and Walter’s Empire had operations running in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but some time was mentioned it had relationships with clients in Europe and the Czech Republic. (wonder if they used a Buyer Persona template 🤔)
    • Annual Sales: As mentioned before, throughout the first 4 seasons of the show (in a 2-year timeline), Jesse made up to $ 3.9 million per year with his magic chemicals.
    • Industries: Jesse showed us to have excellent knowledge of Chemicals. Fast Food could be another one, but it’s better not to mention “that” dilemma with Gus and Los Pollos Hermanos.

    📌 Pain Points

    When building up your product or service’s value, you’ll find yourself with two main elements: pains & goals. Companies have, mostly, two types of customers which are defined by the mentioned components:

    • Customers that connect with your product/service due to the promise of getting a gain booster (products that will improve or enhance an aspect of their lives).
    • Or those who trust your pain relieving purposal (products/ services that help them overcome obstacles of their lives)

    Despite you can definitely see a lot of pain (literally) throughout the whole show, Buyer Personas’ pain concept is way different but you can still find logic in it by taking a look on some of the difficulties Jesse Pinkman faced across the story:


    The following pains are courtesy of GETitOUT’s AI Extract Info tool: 🤖

      • Suffers from several anxiety episodes due to some death encounters with his drug competitors.
      • He’s a man of complex motivations.
      • Fear of loss and confrontation
      • Hard-trying to look like a tough guy despite having a sympathetic nature.
      • Anxiety/phobia surrounding addiction

    🏆 Goals

    On the contrary, Goals are way different from pains. Goals are the main objectives that your customers are trying to accomplish. These are key for you to effectively design your products/services and promote them clearly, so you can make your customers feel understood and build a genuine and honest relationship with them.  
      • Escape and live a peaceful life in Alaska.
      • Survive. Just running for his life.
      • Gain love, acknowledgment, and mutual respect from ‘Heisen’ and his very particular family.
      • Seeks vengeance for the murdered Thomas.
      • To take care of his family and protect them from the fallout of his life (courtesy of GETitOUT’s AI Goal suggestion tool)

    💡 Tip: This is a very short list of the possible pains & goals you can highlight from Jesse. Nevertheless, when working with real clients, we recommend that you make a list of at least 30 pains and 30 goals.

    Take a look at the full Jesse Pinkman
    Buyer Persona template here! 📥

    As promised, here you go the full Jesse Pinkman Buyer Persona template. Inside you’ll see how GETitOUT structures Buyer Persona reports and all the information (demographics, firmographics, etc.) listed previously.

    ⚡️ Curious Facts

    To close this article, why not add a few curious facts? Everyone has a curious side to feed up every now and then, so why not feed it up with a few curious facts about Jesse Pinkman?


      • Jesse has a soft spot for kids.
        Even though, we never got to see him as a father.
      • He was born in an upper-middle-class family.
        Even though, he made himself a criminal reputation.
      • The WGA strike saved his life in 2007.
        He was set off to be killed during the ninth episode of the first season.
      • When he was a child, Jesse possessed artistic abilities.
        A number of the comics and sketches he created in high school are still kept by him.

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