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For whom is the GETitOUT Marketing Analyzer?

Marketing Freelancer

With the Marketing Analyzer, cut the time you spend on gathering and processing each client’s info in half and invest more in marketing tasks that really matter to you.

Marketing Agency

Handle more clients by creating more complete briefings for each, so you can start producing marketing work faster and easier, and see the money flowing in.

Start-up & Small Business

Use Marketing Analyzer when organizing your products, create your first buyer persona with demographics, pains, and goals, learn more about your market and competitors, along with generating ready-to-publish texts and benefits to set yourself up for success.

Input is your first step to creating great Marketing Materials

Dive deep into every single feature and characteristic of your product, be clear about your company’s values and goals, and reaching your ideal clients will become easy.

Breakdown your Product into clear Features and Sub-features

Products are the backbone of any business. Use Marketing Analyzer to polish the way you communicate your features to show your clients how you can help them.


Marketing Analyzer gives you a grand area where you can enter and group all your features and sub-features, all in one easy-to-access place.


You can communicate clearly what you actually do by first adding your primary features. Then, list all the small, specific things that make up each feature, to have a clear overview of what you can offer.

Prioritize a product’s feature based on importance or other criteria that are relevant to you, and to your target audience. Picking the right feature to showcase will get you closer to making that sale.

Input Info on Company & Team

People buy from people, not from faceless entities. Here, you can enter your organization’s name and address, and add your management team with photos and values.


Enter every member of your company personnel and their appropriate job role. Marketing Analyzer can store and organize this data for when you need it for emails, quotes, and other Marketing Materials you will create.


It’s important to keep your legal info clear and accessible to everyone who needs it. The Marketing Analyzer can store it along with many other pieces of data relevant to your company’s activity.

Set up the Design Based on Your Brand

Create your Brand Book inside Marketing Aanalyzer and upload your logo, images, or even import your entire visual data from your website.

Personalize your Marketing Materials with your company’s design assets: colors, logo, hero image, and more.

Pick graphics style options and special mock-ups to display your products, and make them represent your brand image.


If you don’t have a graphic system yet, we help you create it by guiding you in choosing the ideal colors, fonts, and style for your product.

Dane Golden
Co-Founder, VidTarget

I was a FOOL! And I’m embarrassed about it. I have made a career out helping launch startups, and companies have paid me a lot of money to help them with their marketing. But I never realized how poorly I was doing it until I used the GETitOUT platform.

Access and Analyze all your marketing info in one place.

With Marketing Analyzer, you can organize all the info you need to create great marketing in one place. Access it, analyze it, and stay on top of your marketing strategy by managing your company and team data, product features, and design assets faster and easier.

Analyze all your info deeply to create better Marketing Materials

The second milestone to craft compelling marketing materials is to know your ideal clients inside-out. Find out what pains they face and what goals they aspire to achieve. Based on this, Marketing Analyzer will help you position your product or service as a way to achieve those goals.

Create Various Buyer Personas and Discover Your Ideal Client

Buyer Personas help you find and understand your ideal clients and create marketing materials that make selling your product a straightforward process.


Create various Buyer Personas for each market segment you want to cover, each with their demographic data, pains, and goals.

Categorize and compare all your different buyer personas in one place, so you can see which one comes on top at the end.
Prioritize your buyer personas in order of importance or other criteria of your choosing like who is the first persona you can target with your marketing or more.

Generate Compelling Benefits for Your Future Marketing Materials

Clients don’t care about you. They care about what’s in it for them. Translate your features and services into tangible benefits that will show the value of your products to your clients.


Identify your most compelling benefits by combining product features with buyer persona pains and goals.

Generate your product benefits texts based on proven and tested formulas, bringing a high chance of converting visitors into buyers.

Copy and re-use the benefits texts in all the marketing materials you need like websites, landing pages, emails, and more.

Analyze Your Competitors so You Can Differentiate Yourself Better

Anyone who solves the same problem you solve is a competitor. Analyzing your competitors’ websites gives you valuable information for your buyer personas and positioning.

Find different types of competitors and categorize them based on industry, size, threat level, and other criteria you need.
Document the differences between you and competitors to surface your unique selling point and increase your product’s chance of success.

By simply copying their website URL you can extract information that will help you discover extra pains and goals for your buyer personas and ways to differentiate yourself.

Unify the Information of Your Clients to Discover the Best Performing Ones

In the Marketing Analyzer, you can add a few real clients, preferably by interviewing them. How they use and think about your product will help shape your marketing, sales, and development.

Categorize clients based on buyer personas or industries, and find new pains and goals as you carefully observe them.
Identify the most important product features and benefits for your clients, so you can showcase them in all your future marketing materials for a higher chance of success.

Lay a Strong Marketing Foundation for your future materials

Marketing Analyzer gives you the tools to lay a strong foundation for all your future Marketing Materials. Having well-defined buyer personas, company info, competition analysis, along with compelling benefits and high-converting texts, you set yourself up for generating successful Marketing Materials.

This is only the beginning, now generate all your Marketing Materials in one place.

This is only the beginning, now generate all your Marketing Materials in one place.

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