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"If you feel lost with understanding exactly what content of your marketing pieces should be, I can strongly recommend GETitOUT.

Before we started using the GETitOUT system, we had what I call "founder's disease." We had worked so hard on making helpful, easy-to-use features for our YouTube ads platform, that we felt that every potential customer would want to hear all about them in our marketing content, regardless of the customer's individual business needs.

In working with GETitOUT, we found out how to transform our description of those features into benefits, which are the most important needs of the customer. Now not only do we have a group of customized marketing materials and tools from GETitOUT, but we have a reservoir of structured benefits to keep coming back to as our product and strategy evolve."


20 days

B2B, worldwide

    Dane Golden

VidTarget helps you drive high-quality YouTube ads that transform into solid leads and sales, thanks to hyper-targeted video & channel placements.

Thanks to GETitOUT, VidTarget relaunched its marketing in 20 days:

Messaging Messaging
Websites Websites
Landing & Thank You Pages Landing & Thank You Pages
Social Media Social Media

I was a FOOL! And I’m embarrassed about it. I have made a career out helping launch startups, and companies have paid me a lot of money to help them with their marketing. But I never realized how poorly I was doing it until I used the GETitOUT platform.

Dane Golden

 Text Builder
Conversion-Optimized Texts That Resonate With Your Clients

Stop racking your brain when it comes to writing: GETitOUT generates almost all of your texts based on your inputs in Marketing Analyzer: mission and vision statements, product descriptions, website copy and emails – you need to see it to believe it.

A Clear Overview Over Your Product’s Features & Characteristics

Get a handy cheat-sheet of your product’s features and characteristics. You’ll be surprised how much more your product actually does after going through this module.

Buyer Persona
Discovering What Drives Your Clients To Create Trust & Rapport

Get a crystal-clear picture of your ideal buyers and uncover the pain points, goals and aspirations. This  helps tailor your messaging to create rapport and trust – and boost your sales.

Turning Your Features Into Tangible Benefits That Make Your Clients Sign Up & Buy

Follow the step-by-step assistant and turn your features into tangible benefits your clients will love. Once you’ve nailed your benefits, writing texts becomes so much easier!

Get Your Marketing Done.

Be one of the first to get your marketing done in a breeze,
without spending tons of money on an agency.

Can’t wait? Try the Sneak Peek and see what GETitOUT will generate for you.

Website Builder
Websites & Landing Pages That Work

To convert your visitors into sign-ups and customers, you need the right structure, layout, and text: GETitOUT generates it all for you, based on proven best practices. And you’ll never start from a blank page again.

Marketing Site
A Brand-New One-Page Website To Relaunch VidTarget 

Landing Page
Companions For Highly-Targeted YouTube Campaigns

Generate focused landing page that have just one clear goal: Converting your visitors into sign-ups and paying customers.

Thank You Page
Continuing The Journey To Learn More About Users

Get more out of your funnels with high-quality thank you pages that take you to the next level: offering upsells or doing surveys so you get a better understanding of your visitors.

Social Media Builder
A Consistent Brand & Messaging On Social Media

Social media can be a pain in the butt, but when done right, you can achieve a lot without investing a bunch of time. GETitOUT generates beautiful images for your LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profiles and helps you create engaging profiles and posts.

Cover Art On Brand With The Right Messaging

Professional Representation For VidTarget

VidTarget being primarily a B2B tool, social media doesn’t stop at Instagram and Twitter. Including professional social networks helps increase the reach and network. 

Banner Art That Builds On The  Messaging Foundation

Last But Not Least – The Twitter Profile

Get Your Marketing Done.

Be one of the first to get your marketing done in a breeze, without spending tons of money on an agency.

Can’t wait? Try the Sneak Peek and see what GETitOUT will generate for you.