Start based on a Buyer Persona Example

Start building a buyer persona from one of the +20 presets that will give you inspiration to continue.

Pick one of GETitOUT’s professional buyer persona examples and start tweaking – you’ll never have to stare at a blank page again.

Examples include Small Business Owner, Sales Rep, HR Director, and many more, complete with demographics, pain points, and goals.

Start with a buyer persona example from GETitOUT’s growing library, complete with demographics, pain points, and goals.

  • Verify that your preset has 30 pain points and 30 goals.
  • Bring demographic and firmographic data focused on the United States (for the moment).

Missing examples you would like to see? Write us at and request the buyer persona you would like to work on with an initial draft.

Remember, all presets are based on updated market research and analysis from prestigious and verified websites, standardized on average data.

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