Fast: Extract personas from competitors

This is not another persona editor that starts with a blank canvas: GETitOUT extracts pain points and goals from competitors’ websites, and makes AI suggestions based on job titles.

Actionable: Generate marketing texts

Put your personas at the core of your marketing: Turn features into benefits and let GETitOUT generate marketing texts and materials that connect with your ideal clients, and make them sign up and buy.

Ready-to-use: Paste into your marketing tools

As marketers, we need professional texts for all our clients or products. With the GETitOUT browser extension, your personas and texts are just one click away – in all your favorite marketing tools.

GETitOUT’s ability to create buyer personas, and from those buyer personas to generate landing pages and other marketing assets, is highly promising.
Henry Hoe
Founder, DecisiveMarketer


Creating personas is just the start.

Experiment with unlimited personas

Create personas for all your clients, products, or services. Then categorize and compare them with ease.

Add pain points, goals, and demographics

Start with a professional persona template. Choose from a huge library of pain points and goals, or extract from competitors.

Generate ready-to-use marketing texts

Generate texts for each persona, based on their pain points and goals – for your landing pages, emails, and everything else.

Work together on projects

Invite your clients and team mates, or even external collaborators. Attach links and video interviews, so everything is in one place.

Stay ahead of your game

Easily switch between workspaces for your different clients or products. Stay motivated with visual progress bars.

Share beautiful persona presentations

Wow your clients and make sure everyone is on the same page by sharing beautiful, detailed persona presentations.

Create Your First Persona. In Minutes. 💪

Create beautiful, detailed buyer personas, for yourself or your clients.
Then generate texts and paste them into all your marketing tools.


Get better results through personas.

Marketing & Advertising

From simple posts to entire websites: Base every text you write on personas, and you’ll attract the right leads and turn them into happy, paying customers.

Attract the right leads >

Branding & Design

Know your ideal clients (aka buyer personas) so you can create a design language that connects and creates trust and rapport.

Know your ideal clients >

Product & Development

Whether you’re a small startup or established product team: Use personas to prioritize your roadmap, so you can build products your clients love.

Build an irresistible product >