Power Up Your Favorite Marketing Tools

Build your marketing foundation in GETitOUT from Buyer Personas to Benefits, and then use them to create exceptional marketing materials in your favorite marketing tools, from WordPress to MailChimp.

Install GETitOUT In Your Chrome & Edge Browser For Free

Boost your marketing tools from Website Builders, Newsletters Automation to Social Media & Graphics platforms, inserting all your content from one place.

Take full advantage of all your favorite marketing tools simultaneously. Experience a real all-in-one with the sidebar functionality.

Avoid re-doing! Insert, Copy & Paste the marketing texts you’ve already generated in GETitOUT and speed up your deliverables.

Makes a great combo with:

Feel relieved when combining your favorite Marketing Tools to finish marketing tasks faster (create congruent newsletters, social media posts, advertising, etc.), complying with those tight deadlines. This will suit perfectly even if you are working in your own business or for different clients as an agency.

Copy + Paste Benefits when creating Landing Pages on WordPress
Access quickly to all the information about your products in a single place.
Great for Marketing Agencies and Freelancers.
Insert Pains & Goals from your Buyer Personas and
Create personalized email campaigns on Mailchimp
Ensure you use the proper brand colors and logos of your
clients when working on design tools like Canva.
Bring together all the information about your Competitors
in a full report from Notion.
Create Professional Quotes based on detailed information
about your Clients and turn them into Social Media content.
Take the best captions of your Product Features and put them into Sales Flyers.
Drag your Call-to-Action texts and drop them in a
Sales Presentation on Google Slides.
Access your draft materials generated and take them to your favorite platforms,
as simple as copying your GETitOUT template to Replyify

Access quickly to your product’s features, benefits, images, etc. and insert them everywhere.

Get access to all of your marketing foundations immediately (Product Benefits & Features, Design, Buyer Personas, Pains & Goals, Clients, Competitors, etc.), and insert them anywhere you need them.

Whatever you’ve worked on GETitOUT will be accessible instantly with this Extension.

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Enhance your performance when working on external apps.

Driving your attention effectively is key to delivering high-quality results to your clients, even more, when you are using multiple Marketing Tools (e.g. MailChimp, WordPress).

GETitOUT’s sidebar helps you work more connected with your marketing projects across diverse workspaces.

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Get assisted when working on multiple marketing projects.

Reduce the stress of handling different projects at the same time. Assist yourself when working with many clients and have the information you need always at hand.

Perform successfully among clients no matter how diverse they might be!

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Create messaging consistent with your marketing foundation.

Use exactly the same texts and messages in all your marketing materials and platforms so that you look professional and trustworthy in front of your clients, reusing the blocks within GETitOUT to adjust your content in a congruent way.

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Get better results through personas.

Marketing & Advertising

From simple posts to entire websites: Base every text you write on personas, and you’ll attract the right leads and turn them into happy, paying customers.

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Branding & Design

Know your ideal clients (aka buyer personas) so you can create a design language that connects and creates trust and rapport.

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Product & Development

Whether you’re a small startup or established product team: Use personas to prioritize your roadmap, so you can build products your clients love.

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Get Your Marketing Done. Right. 💪

Take the guesswork out of marketing: Find your ideal clients, build a strong marketing foundation, and generate attractive websites, landing pages, and emails for your clients or yourself - with professional texts, in your design.