Get Your Marketing Done

GETitOUT drafts winning marketing texts, creates stunning images & mockups, and generates your website, social media, email series & launches, so you can get back to your real work.

No website yet? Enter a competitor’s URL or generate your site in under 2 minutes.

Enter your rough ideas about your business, competitors and ideal clients.

Turn them into compelling marketing copy, based on GETitOUT’s best practices and templates.

Generate everything you need for your marketing, so professionally nobody will know it wasn’t an agency.

Marketing is a necessary evil

As long as you don’t get all your marketing right, your clients won’t find you.

Or they won’t sign-up. Or they won’t buy.

For founders and entrepreneurs like us, there just aren’t enough hours in a day:

For development, testing, shipping, support, money… you know best.

But how do you get your business out there if you don’t have the time, the resources to hire an agency, or marketing isn’t your strong-suit?

That’s why we’re building GETitOUT:

So you can get your marketing done and get back to your real work.

You don’t need the world’s most fancy website or campaign to succeed.

You need a marketing system that creates all the important pieces for you, in a consistent and professional way that attracts and converts your clients.

Generate Websites & Landing Pages

Words and images are the essence of a website that generates sign-ups and sales. GETitOUT helps you create all the ad copy and images – no need to be a copywriter or designer.


Generate clear and concise ad copy based on your visitors’ pains and gains, and your product’s features and benefits – to drive conversions.

Choose icons and images from our large library and create stunning mockups from your screenshots – to support your messages.
No more guesswork: adapt our proven website structure and elements, based on current best practices.

Everything You Need to Launch Your Product

It’s hard enough to develop a new product. But how do you get it out there if you can’t hire an agency or marketing is not your strong-suit? With GETitOUT, you create everything you need to launch in a few simple steps. No marketing degree necessary.


Profiles & Assets

Landing Pages


Launch Campaign

Social Media Profiles & Posts


3… 2… 1… Launch

Drive Traffic & Engagement


Generate Social Media Posts & Profiles

Facebook, Twitter & Co. are ideal to create buzz for your product or launch – if you know how. GETitOUT makes social media easy and helps you get the word out.

Choose from beautiful templates that automatically carry your logo, brand colors and messaging – and make your social profiles stand out.
Pick from pre-written posts for a variety of occasions, then fill in the blanks. GETitOUT creates the perfect image to go along with it.
Every social network has its unique writing style. GETitOUT adjusts texts and images automatically – no more endless re-writing and re-sizing.

Generate Email Series & Newsletter

Welcome new subscribers and turn leads and trial users into paying customers with emails. GETitOUT comes with ready-to-use email campaigns and helps you tailor them in a breeze.

Build trust and rapport and onboard new users by helping them achieve quick wins. GETitOUT comes with targeted email series you can easily adapt.
Keep your subscribers up-to-date about new features, launches or blog posts – with newsletter templates optimized for conversion.

Reach out to potential clients, tackle support and feature requests, and move partnerships forward with short, friendly email templates.

Get Your Marketing Done, So You Can Get Back to Your Real Work 💪

Or hop on the wait list and join the pioneers to first use GETitOUT when it launches in April 2021.

No website yet? Enter a competitor’s URL or generate your site in under 2 minutes.

Sounds Too Good to Be True?
Discover How It Works.

Enter Your Rough Ideas

Whether you’re selling a product, service or SaaS, just fill in the basics about your business, your ideal clients and possible competitors.

Create High-Converting Marketing Copy

GETitOUT helps you transform your features and services into tangible benefits that will connect with your clients.

Based on copywriting best practices, GETitOUT drafts compelling marketing texts – you just fine-tune them if necessary.

Generate All Your Marketing Materials & Campaigns

With the copywriting out of the way, GETitOUT generates all the marketing assets you need to get your business out there, launch your product and keep building buzz:

Websites & Landing Pages
Newsletter & Onboarding Emails
Social Media Profiles & Posts
Full Campaigns (Product Launch, Black Friday, …)
Product & Company Descriptions
… and so much more!


Hop on the wait list and join the pioneers to first use GETitOUT when it launches in April 2021. Or get a sneak peek and see what GETitOUT generates for you:

No website yet? Enter a competitor’s URL or generate your site in under 2 minutes.

How Can We Help?

When can I start using GETitOUT?

Hold tight until April 2021! This is when GETitOUT will officially launch.

But you don't have to wait until then: Try our sneak peak now and let GETitOUT generate a few texts, social media and website assets for you, based on your brand!

Is GETitOUT just another website builder?

No! Today's website builders only take care of the technical part (HTML, CSS and hosting). But you still have to come up with all the contents, texts and images.

GETitOUT generates your actual marketing contents and assets: your website structure, your marketing texts and all the visuals you need. Even entire campaigns to launch your product or service!

Click here to open our sneak peak and try it now.

How much will GETitOUT cost?
There will be a free version to get your hands dirty, limited to generating one-page websites, facebook profiles and posts and Product Hunt campaigns.

The paid plans will start at $49 per month and will generate almost all marketing assets for you. You'll get structure, ad copy, visuals, hey even full campaigns - for a tiny amount of money compared to hiring an agency or marketing guy.

Get on the waitlist today - so you don't miss out on our special launch offer!

Will there be a FREE version of GETitOUT?

Yes! You will be able to generate one-page websites, facebook profiles and posts and Product Hunt campaigns for free.

The paid plans will generate a lot more marketing assets for you, from full websites to Instagram and Twitter posts to emails, newsletters, ... the possibilities are endless.

Be the first to create all your marketing assets in minutes when GETitOUT launches inApril 2021.

You're in! Keep an eye on your inbox for news and surprises.