Create Detailed Buyer Personas with AI Suggestions

We know the challenge of creating buyer personas from scratch, for this reason, GETitOUT offers you comprehensive help that will accompany you in the most difficult moments.

Find a complete browse dictionary with the most common pains & goals, let yourself be inspired by our carefully selected presets, as well as generate new ideas through high quality artificial intelligence, and the best is at the end… Now with the multi-select you can add all the ideas with one click. Let’s go! 🔥

AI Suggestions 🤖

The favorite feature arrives, generate texts for the analysis of your buyer person with the help of our AI, you will have 3 varied options that will allow you to generate ideas and complete high-quality texts:

  • Based on Job Titles

    If you want to generate Pains or Goals, only you have to do is enter a job title (remember that you can only generate it by adding a single job title), click on generate and find 5 to 10 varied options that will help you study your ideal client.

  • Based on another Similar Attribute

    In case you have a created base, for example, of your person’s pain points, you will be able to generate more ideas by choosing another pain that you like the most.

    In the same way it will be with Goals, in case of having previous information of these, It will be enough to choose your base inspiration and let the AI ​​do its magic, giving you 5 to 10 more ideas created from your previous information.

  • AI suggestions based on a Contrary Attribute

    In case you have a clear foundation of your ideal client’s goals with a few added on the detail page, but very little inspiration from their pain, this is for you.

    Choose a GOAL that you like the most so that the AI ​​inspires you with 5 to 10 ideas of PAINS created from your previous information. You can also do the same game in reverse.

    If you are very clear about your person’s pain points, and you still can’t think of good texts for goals, you can generate them and add them to your analysis with just one click. 😉

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