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Demographics: Create a vivid picture of your Buyer Persona

Buyer Persona should be based as much as possible on real-world data. A good starting point is to compile data on existing customers and social audience. Use this free Buyer Persona template to create a realistic view of your project’s ideal clients or customer avatars at a glance.

Video & instructions: Surface pain points and goals with ease

What challenges and pain points are your potential customers trying to solve? What are their goals and aspirations, both personally and professionally?

Solve these questions with our easy-to-use buyer persona template and video instructions and get a perfect understanding of your client’s industry.

Free deliverable: Wow your clients with this Buyer Persona template

Show your clients how hard you’re working for them and use our Buyer Persona template as one of your deliverables – for every client! It’s important to keep your clients happy – and the more deliverables you can send over, the better.

Every business needs a website. Emails. Funnels. But all the marketing tools out there don’t tell you how to do it. You have to come up with the processes yourself. GETitOUT is the first tool that actually helps you create your buyer personas, landing pages, etc. – step by step. With texts that work, in your design.

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