Identify and Choose the Product Features that Attract Most Customers

In this template you get an easy and straightforward way to build and define your Product Features. It includes a product traits section which gives you an overview over your offering.

You have a diverse table of options like product name, category, offer, potential clients, as well as main features and sub-features. Once you have all that taken care of, your Marketing and Product Development strategies become much more focused and effective.

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Manage all your products in one place!

Handling numerous tools can difficult your labor. Put an end to this and work and edit any product separately but using GETitOUT’s Product Feature Tool only. And not just you! Get your team and clients on the same page and invite them to join and collaborate in your projects.

Build and visualize a clearer structure of your value proposition.

Define your customers’ products (or your own) by organizing and categorizing them into features and sub features with the aim of building a clearer value structure for your offer. Start drag & dropping your products’ attributes and open your mind to new features possibilities.

Express clearer what your products are making for your end-user with AI help.

Discover the best version of your product and get one step closer to creating just what your customer needs. Our AI feature suggestions will help you think out of the box. Give it a try!

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