Turn Features into Benefits to Attract Your Ideal Clients

Your clients don’t care about you – they only care about what’s in it for them. Simply putting your features or services everywhere doesn’t cut it.

Uncover benefits in a simple formula, tailored to your ideal clients (aka buyer personas). It generates engaging texts that will resonate with your clients, so signing up and buying from you becomes a no-brainer!

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Includes video, blog post & help glossary 👉🏻 Faster generation and varied results with the new Text Generator.

There’s so much competition, so just offering a great landing page builder wasn’t enough. Our GETitOUT Coach helped us clarify what makes AdPage unique, which clients and industries to focus on, and how to stand out from our competition. We do a one-hour session per week, and it’s given us hands-on strategies – and the confidence – to move our business to the next level.

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