Google Analytics

Track and analyze traffic from website and landing pages that you generate with GETitOUT in Google Analytics.

Integration Overview

Google Analytics can be used to assess a website’s performance, identify visitor patterns and trends, find ways to improve a site’s user experience and in some cases to increase conversion rates.

Now you can carry out an exhaustive follow-up of your marketing actions and improve your results with the analysis in GETitOUT

Use Integration to:


Send traffic data from websites and landing pages to Google Analytics


  1. Google Analytics Account
  2. Universal Analytics Property (UA)

What can you do with it?

Measuring the results of your marketing is crucial so you know what works and what doesn’t, and can improve on your findings.

Add Google Analytics to your GETitOUT websites and landing pages, and get detailed insights into your visitors.

How does it work?

If you haven't already, create your free Google Analytics account and create a property:

1. Go to the Admin area of Google Analytics and open your property.

2. Go to Tracking Info > Tracking Code.

3. Then copy and paste the Tracking ID that looks something like UA-123456789-0.

Once connected, each new website and landing page you publish and export with GETitOUT will automatically carry the Google Analytics tracking pixel.

Quick heads-up: In case you had already published or exported pages before activating the Google Analytics integration, you need to edit those pages and publish the changes (or edit and export them again).


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