early bird; $49 from 2021

Never struggle with your marketing texts again: Transform features into tangible benefits and create a marketing foundation that attracts your ideal clients.

Buyer Personas

Get a crystal-clear picture of your ideal buyers and uncover the pain points, goals and aspirations. This  helps tailor your messaging to create rapport and trust – and boost your sales.

Product & Features

Get a handy cheat-sheet of your product’s features and characteristics. You’ll be surprised how much more your product actually does after going through this module.


Follow the step-by-step assistant and turn your features into tangible benefits your clients will love. Once you’ve nailed your benefits, writing texts becomes so much easier!


Quickly discover and analyse your main competitors: GETitOUT helps you extract pains and benefits from their websites – to surface even more benefits and clearly differentiate yourself.



early bird; $199 from 2021

Generate all your marketing materials in light speed, based on your design. Generate texts and images, too. Includes the Marketing Analizer.

Text Builder

Stop racking your brain when it comes to writing: GETitOUT generates almost all of your texts based on your inputs in Marketing Analyzer: mission and vision statements, product descriptions, website copy and emails – you need to see it to believe it.

Website & Landing Page Builder

To convert your visitors into sign-ups and customers, you need the right structure, layout, and text: GETitOUT generates it all for you, based on proven best practices. And you’ll never start from a blank page again.

Email Builder

Email is the easiest way to communicate with your leads and customers and move them through your funnel. GETitOUT generates single emails and whole email sequences, for example for onboarding new users and turning them into happy, paying customers.

Social Media Builder

Social media can be a pain in the butt, but when done right, you can achieve a lot without investing a bunch of time. GETitOUT generates beautiful images for your LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profiles and helps you create engaging profiles and posts.

Campaign Builder

The secret power of GETitOUT: The campaign builder puts it all together and generates full campaigns, for example to launch your product or engage trial users. You get landing and thank you pages, email sequences, social posts, … everything you need to create buzz.

Image Builder

Images make all the difference – but it’s time-consuming to create unique, attractive imagery by hand. GETitOUT generates beautiful images based on your brand, for your websites, social posts and profiles, emails, … the possibilities are almost endless.



early bird; $999 from 2021

Everything in Marketing Analizer & Marketing Builder, plus your personal coach to help you prioritize, find clarity and tackle the big challenges.  

Personal Coach

It can be hard to find the low-hanging fruit and prioritize what actions will have the biggest impact while only consuming moderate time and money. Your personal coach will help you find clarity and move your business forward – fast

Weekly Video Call

Stop wasting precious time trying to learn “everything marketing” yourself – time that is better spend building your product and business. During your weekly 1-hour video call, you will work together with your coach on your most burning challenges.

Commitment & Accountability

With so many different tasks and challenges on your plate, you can get sidetracked easily. Your weekly check-ins with your coach help you stay on track, create accountability, and ultimately: real results for your business.

Find a plan that’s right for you.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied in the first 30 days – and you’ve made a proper effort to put all necessary data in – just email us and we’ll refund the entire price. No questions asked.

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Dane Golden
Co-Founder, VidTarget

I was a FOOL! And I’m embarrassed about it. I have made a career out helping launch startups, and companies have paid me a lot of money to help them with their marketing. But I never realized how poorly I was doing it until I used the GETitOUT platform.

How Can We Help?

When can I start using GETitOUT?

Hold tight until April 2021! This is when GETitOUT will officially launch.

But you don't have to wait until then: Try our sneak peak now and let GETitOUT generate a few texts, social media and website assets for you, based on your brand!

Is GETitOUT just another website builder?

No! Today's website builders only take care of the technical part (HTML, CSS and hosting). But you still have to come up with all the contents, texts and images.

GETitOUT generates your actual marketing contents and assets: your website structure, your marketing texts and all the visuals you need. Even entire campaigns to launch your product or service!

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How much will GETitOUT cost?
There will be a free version to get your hands dirty, limited to generating one-page websites, facebook profiles and posts and Product Hunt campaigns.

The paid plans will start at $49 per month and will generate almost all marketing assets for you. You'll get structure, ad copy, visuals, hey even full campaigns - for a tiny amount of money compared to hiring an agency or marketing guy.

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Will there be a FREE version of GETitOUT?

Yes! You will be able to generate one-page websites, facebook profiles and posts and Product Hunt campaigns for free.

The paid plans will generate a lot more marketing assets for you, from full websites to Instagram and Twitter posts to emails, newsletters, ... the possibilities are endless.

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