The Fundamental Building Blocks for Winning Digital Marketing Campaigns

This is not a magic formula that will lead you successfully and immediately to effective marketing campaigns and strategies. Instead, this is a document with real and practical information about what are the Fundamental Building Blocks for Winning Marketing Campaigns.

We included a workbook to provide you with the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice.

It is worth mentioning that you don’t have to comprehend these as separate blocks if not as components of a single “skyscraper”, the equivalent of your whole marketing.

We’ve turned this into a Lego metaphor so you can have fun while learning some of this. Let’s get down to work!

1️⃣ It all starts with your brand, products, and services

You may have heard some phrases or sayings that state the importance of embracing your inner strengths and weaknesses. This also applies to your brand, products, and services you offer since the more you know what you’re delivering to your customers the better you will communicate it.

Here’s when you have to seriously think about finding and creating impactful + meaningful benefits that individuals who have any interaction with your brand will obtain, the latter being just the tip of the iceberg.

Warm-up question:

What are product benefits? Are these the same product features?

You’ll learn more about benefits subsequently, so you better keep reading!

📌 What is a good starting point for this?

Developing a strong yet effective marketing strategy starts by defining your own goals.

Why am I doing marketing? Why do I want to attract and convert new leads and clients? Why will they need my product or service?

This will help you frame your objective and stay motivated.

Need inspiration? Common objectives are creating awareness (or simply getting the word out), gathering data from potential clients, or simply convincing them to buy your product or service from one way to another by knowing more about your target audiences.

Neil Patel, a well-known marketing specialist, mentions that whenever you decide to build or add complexity to your strategy you’ll need two essential ingredients: clarity and experimentation.

“To maximize clarity, we’re going to spend time defining our target audience and establishing clear goals. When it comes to experimentation, we’re going to focus on growth and the implementation of specific marketing tactics.

Over time, your digital marketing strategy will become more complex as it continues developing. The more data you collect, the more complex your strategy will need to be. That’s why establishing a strong foundation early on in the process is so crucial.”

GETitOUT is a marketing builder focused precisely on helping you get created a strong foundation for your marketing, the very first step of more complex strategies. Aren’t you excited to picture (and of course reach) the paramount of your success?

2️⃣ Ideal Customers are just as breathing: Vital!

Customers are one of the major key elements of marketing. Their importance is non-negotiable and they should be the pillar of most of your marketing decisions. Therefore, the more you understand about your ideal customers the better your marketing communications will get. A crystal clear fact!

That’s why you have to work on getting a clear vision of the profile of your ideal client and set a goal.

This ties in with your answer to WHO you are sending the message to, and it will help you generate compelling messages that will resonate with your ideal clients later, making them take on the action you want to define as “conversion”.

How is this “profile” thing named? Let’s introduce you to Buyer Personas, a single ideal client profile representing all your ideal clients.

You can build it as complex as you need, but generally, a Buyer Persona profile includes (but is not limited to): demographics, pain points, consumer behavior patterns, motivations, and goals.

This data will help you address your message effectively and determine what channels to spend the most time and budget on.

GETitOUT’s Buyer Persona Tool will help you do just as Seth Godin, one of the most important marketers of the century, said once: “ The key of marketing is to make people feel they make part of something”.

Godin’s statement is absolute and one of the righteous ways to follow it is as simple as what we mentioned earlier: Go out there and learn more about your customers so you can develop specific Buyer Personas that build this sense of belonging”

🤔 Product Benefits & Features are the same?

With that being said, it’s time to bring back the product benefits matter (as promised earlier).

Benefits, Features, and Buyer Personas go hand in hand in this marketing building block insomuch as these 3 aspects will determine a significant part of your decisions when building marketing communications and materials.

If you paid enough attention, at this point you might have an idea of the answer to this: What are product benefits? Are these the same product features?

Well, regardless of your thoughts, these two concepts are not the same definitely but they’re pretty related to each other.

In a nutshell, this is the answer:

Product Features are more related to any aspect of your product (physical, chemical, technological, technical, etc.), whereas Benefits translate these features into reasons why your customer should choose your product instead your competitor’s.

In other words, features encompasses the “what” of your product and benefits tell why.

3️⃣ Using the right platforms to reach your target audiences

Nowadays, with the impressive amount of online platforms and communication channels, it is becoming more difficult to find the right ones for deploying your marketing strategies. So what could be the way to identify effective platforms?

Let’s see 3 starting ideas so you give yourself an idea of how to find the right platforms so you don’t just follow up trends but, instead, you can generate your own fuel to grow indefinitely.

🔥 Audit your digital assets

Take some of your time to engage an internal inventory of each one of your current platforms, including (but not limited to): Websites (Landing Pages also if you want to keep it specific), Social Media Networks, Offline content, Email campaigns, Ads, etc.

🔍 Time for analytics

Once you finish, you can always use analytics tools to find improvement opportunities overall and start some research about your competitors focused on their digital assets and how they manage them.

Digital media channels are always shooting data at you about almost anything, if possible, you want to know about customers, industries, etc. Why not take advantage of this?

🚀 Apply and action the feedback received

All this data won’t get analyzed by itself, so your next task has a lot more to do with data analysis in order to discover the right adjustments. Remember that the type of data you focus on will determine the goals you have to pursue next and the channel(s) you have to improve a lot more.

Once having the results of the previous steps, you’ll indeed find a way to continue improving your platform selection. Trust the process and the data!

4️⃣ Create outstanding experiences and marketing materials

At this point, you’re getting ready to build the terrace of your marketing. By now, you should have a clear perspective of the following points:

  • Who your ideal customer is
  • Your brand, service, or product’s benefits
  • The right platforms for reaching target audiences

Now, what’s left on the table is to start thinking about your Customer Experience or Journey, then content creation, and confirm which channels will help you spread your marketing messages effectively.

For the latter mentioned, you should get ready to start a long trial and error process to see which channels or digital assets work better with certain materials on your own.

Relax, have fun and patiently enjoy your way to the top!

🌱 Customer Experience/Journey

Think of this as the whole course you’ll make your Customers take throughout the entire marketing process, from the very first interaction with your brand until the after-sales stages and retargeting.

❤️ How can you create outstanding and unique Customer Experiences?

Once more it has to be mentioned: know your audience!

Start by building empathy with your customers (their needs, reasons to buy or not a certain kind of product, interests, dislikes, etc.). “Empathy allows us to decipher why users use our products, what they like, and how they feel. This gives us the tools necessary for creating better products.” (UxStudio Team)

Even though empathy is a great starting point, it can’t cover up the whole sun. Then what? Focus on being effective with a realistic approach instead of being idealistic when building your Customer Experiences. Empathy is the way, not the final destination.

“Rather than just listening, we should focus on truly understanding and empathizing. We have to be attentive to capture what users are telling us about our product. (…) Empathy allows us to decipher why users use our products, what they like, and how they feel. This gives us the tools necessary for creating better products.” (UxStudio Team)

🧩 Marketing…materials?

Marketing Materials are any kind of branded content that you create/use to communicate with your customers in different scenarios (Ads, Social Media, Podcasts, TV advertising, Press Releases, Emails, etc.)

At this point, having at hand all the possible data about your Customers, Product Benefits, Pains & Goals,

Ever felt like struggling with materials or content? You can use the Gary Vee Content Model (a famous influencer and one of the top marketers in the world), which you can get for free officially here.

This model will give you inspiration and guidance to create and distribute efficiently some of your marketing materials or branded content across different platforms. Use it accordingly to your own needs and always in the spirit of improving your marketing performance.

5️⃣ Retrospective: Let’s go Back to the Future!

Now you’re at the top of your Marketing Building but it does not mean it’s over. From up there, looking down is clearer and there’s an opportunity to make some retrospective of all the processes you just finished.

This is an invitation to analyze and then adjust, as needed, one or more parts of your Building. See it as a restyling of your Marketing Blocks, which will make your structure better as well as your strategy.

Do this so you can always get relevant insights to improve any marketing endeavor in the future!

We acknowledge the importance of being retrospective and that’s why we’ve focused on building an all-in-one marketing builder so you can document and access everything you work on easier.

If you want to boost your marketing, GETitOUT is for you!

Build your marketing foundation step-by-step with GETitOUT, and create websites, landing pages and emails – complete with texts and layout, in your design.

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