Top 5 Free Persona Templates & Examples available at Figma Community

Nowadays it is of vital importance to deepen the analysis of your “Persona” whether it is called user, avatar, customer or buyer persona, which will answer the question of who? this is key to develop any project.

Building a semi-fictional profile that answers this question is totally variable, from using templates, following examples, step by step questionnaires, blog post, wizards, tools, persona generators and even professionals in the field, help to that end.

In this blog post, you can find a superficial first part of examples and free templates of Personas in Figma Community, one of the largest and strongest trending communities in the digital medium of user experience and marketing.


Did you know the advantages of Figma Community? ✏️

Like any community, you will find a variety of files and plugins that will help you form a first base of your projects, even though its focus is design, particularly there are a variety of users who find potential in different ways, with development of flows, creation of assets, reports, diagrams and more.

Its biggest advantage, besides being based around Figma, which is a web application, is the ease of copying documents, editing, sharing and supporting creators and new talent, important to find inspiration and examples from different perspectives.

1- Personas & Messaging Template 🗣

By Figma for Education

An interesting example of Figma that takes an educational line to better understand the concept and the reason for creating a buyer persona, in addition to expanding the information collected with sections of questions or hot topics, recommends relying on search resources and gives new resources linked.

It offers two good templates which gather the persona information, and a one pager of good related questions that direct and focus the message to be consistent and empathetic. Product linking and creating benefits are just some of them, if you don’t know how to create benefits yet, it’s time to try GETitOUT.

2- User Persona Free Templates 🕹

By Alex Beyond various templates with totally different styles between light and dark versions, it has 4 clear examples such as UX Designer, Gamer, Athlete and Student to guide you in the construction of a Persona. Created by Alex, UX/UI Designer, it is a great first step to save time, clarify the message and value proposition by relating it to the needs of your customer, besides being easily editable.

3- Realistic Persona Exampes & Template 🚀

By Dominik Wever

One of the most complete GETitOUT templates, it gathers 5 common and varied examples such as Shawn Software Developer, Alissa Accountant, Sam Small Biz Owner, Helen HR Manager and Stephen Support Director that will be a compass to start in the complex world of marketing, a playfull guide that will help you to have a first base with trending job titles.

Even if you feel that information is missing or the avatar you would like is not among the examples, you can learn more details and presets by going to for free.

Additionally, it offers complete instructions with links to interesting blog posts, with important tips to do a good research and report writing, not to mention 2 easily customizable design versions.

Take your buyer personas to another level with a good marketing system and consistent messaging, complement your templates by gathering interviews, surveys, maps and diagrams in one place with GETitOUT, generate empathetic texts with the help of artificial intelligence and take all your information anywhere thanks to the browser extension.

4- User Persona • Template 🙎🏻‍♂️

By Julien Fovelle One of the parts of an interesting toolbox for UX designers, although lacking real examples, the template is a complete resource with concrete instructions and a short checklist that reminds again the importance of conducting the research process yourself, gathering information validated with interviews and honest answers to a Person’s biggest questions, needs and goals. With a wide range of visual resources, components, assets, plus layout in 2 different languages and different empty templates ready for printing.

5- Persona Template 🔍

By Morgan Long

Being one of the least popular persona templates in the community, it is one of the most complete ones that doesn’t skimp on information search, which makes it valuable.

With little context from its creator, it carries a totally simple design that brings together more than the typical Persona avatar, expanding to Drives & Inhibitors sections that are divided into values, product experience to deep anxieties and psychographics. An interesting mix in relating your ideal customer to your product.

📌 BONUS: Persona & User Flows workshop

By Simon Fairhurst To close with the icing on the cake, here comes a bonus for those who are more friends of FigJam files, a simpler and playful diagram format, perfect for flow development and teamwork. A workshop template dedicated to Persona research, its relationship with the product and its flow in the use of the product, a board full of resources for a fun collaborative work, plus a step-by-step through questions focused on a group answer, dedicated to find insights in a real team analysis. Would you like to do it with your colleagues?

Why start now with buyer personas? To stop rambling 🤪

The list and variety of templates could be as long as you want, the important thing is to start empathizing with your “who”, getting to know them step by step, this is just the base, with the help of interviews, surveys, tests, research and other tactics, you will be able to deepen your understanding of your “Persona”.

Building a Persona will help you to focus your project according to their needs, maintain good communication, develop next steps successfully, build business or marketing plans, choose strategies or tactics and endless possibilities.

Still don’t know how to get started with these free templates? 

Get an AI-generated base from a job title in less than 10 seconds.

Try the free Sneak Peek Personas now, dig in part by part, learn in the process and follow the example that suits you best.

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