Turn Features into Benefits focused on Buyer Personas

Turn Features into Benefits to Attract Your Ideal Clients

Your clients don’t care about you – they only care about what’s in it for them. Simply putting your features or services everywhere doesn’t cut it.

GETitOUT helps you uncover benefits in 3 simple steps, tailored to your ideal clients (aka buyer personas). It generates engaging texts that will resonate with your clients, so signing up and buying from you becomes a no-brainer!

Combine pain points & goals of your buyer persona with features of your product, create focused and attractive texts with this magic formula.

  • Identify your most compelling benefits by combining product features with buyer persona pains and goals.
  • Generate your product benefits texts based on proven and tested formulas, bringing a high chance of converting visitors into buyers.
  • Copy and re-use the benefits texts in all the marketing materials you need like websites, landing pages, emails, and more.
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