Use AI to Extract Info From Any Website

Reach new stages when analyzing your competitors and current clients with GETitOUT’s Extract Info feature, which will allow you to get basic info from any website in the blink of an eye.

What is it about?

This is a simple yet powerful tool that will allow you to extract information from any website you want to inquire about. Easy. Instantly. Keep it all in one place. And the best thing of all is that you can use part of it without using any GIO Coins from your plan. Isn’t it amazing?

Just to make it clear, here’s when using Extract Info doesn’t cost a single GIO coin:

  • Design information can be extracted during the initial setup of your workspace.
  • Obtaining basic branding information (such as logos, images, and social networks) from clients.
  • Extracting basic branding info (such as logos, images, social networks) from your Competitors.

What information can you extract and save in your GETitOUT workspace?

Features: extract information about product/service features from your customers’ websites and add them to your workspace to build quick briefing access with your clients. This will help you save time since you won’t have to collect all the info yourself manually.

Design and visual info: Get in touch with your client’s brand info by extracting logos, color schemes, hero or main images from any website or social network, so you can speed up and enrich the briefings with your customers.

Very soon you’ll be able to extract fonts and even more images. Use this also to study your competitors in more detail

Buyer Personas Data: Boost and deepen your Buyer Persona analysis by extracting pains & goals directly from the rivalry. Get this information whether from an inspiring website or from your direct competitors.

Competitors: Time to learn from the rivals! Step ahead of your competitors by getting Pains, Goals & Product Features directly from their websites.

Unreleased yet

Company & Team Info: The whole GETitOUT team is working to offer you the opportunity to withdraw information from LinkedIn about team members of the websites you inquire about. Expect it!

Recommendations to get this feature at its peak functioning:

Ensure the website you want to inquire about is primarily in English.
Do not put in links from URL Shorteners.
Put direct links only.
Make sure you’re visiting official pages, so the information you get is reliable.
Take care with the personal information you receive from this.
Install GETitOUT’s Browser Extension and have the information you need always at hand when working on your other favorite marketing tools. This will help you create effective marketing materials and texts (landing pages, flyers, presentations, emails, etc.) or make cohesive adjustments to your strategy based on actual data from your customers or even competitors. Take the guesswork out of your workflow and start working smarter with the Browser Extension (available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge).

Are we missing something? 🤔

Are we missing cases of use or platforms in which Extract Info might be worthwhile? If you have any ideas, make sure to send them up to

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