5 Formulas To Create More Professional Customer Testimonials

It’s not a secret that one of the most important pillars of any business are its customers.

Customers have something under the sleeve: They’re the prime witnesses of how great, bad, fantastic, horrible, etc. you and your business are doing; they hold the last word on your reputation.

If you get this, then you’ll start to understand the importance of having positive and powerful customer testimonials by your side.

Then…What is a Customer Testimonial?

A customer testimonial is a unique piece of positive opinion, converted into a recommendation. From satisfied customers that affirm the value of your products or services.

Even though you can find some customer testimonials that might be paid endorsements, as it goes with influencer marketing, customer testimonials are mostly given by happy, loyal customers, voluntarily, or upon a company’s request.

Done the right way, customer testimonials can get your own customers to be trustful and authentic ambassadors and – why not – opinion leaders of your products or services.

BUT: 📌 Even if you’ve got a great product or service, most of your potential clients won’t trust the promises you make on your website or any marketing channel you use. That’s why you need to create powerful quotes and testimonials to let your customers do the selling for you!

Let’s see how!

🧩 4 Elements of Customer Testimonials or Quotes

An ideal customer testimonials has many or all of the following ingredients:

  1. Goals: objectives that you will help your customers to reach
  2. Pains: problems or situations that your customers need to solve
  3. Objections: things holding your customers back to sign up and buy
  4. Product/Service: the specific product or service you want to highlight

You can find more about some of these concepts by clicking on the links above or visiting our Marketing Glossary Terms page.

With the Elements being explained, it’s time for getting into the Free Customer Testimonial Formulas that you can take from here to get closer to getting your clients to do the sales part for you.

KEEP IN MIND: 💡 You have to keep what you promise. Make sure to pick a loyal happy client, write a quote using these formulas, then email the client asking for changes and approval for sharing it as a piece of marketing content.

5 formulas to create professional quotes & testimonials fast

Testimonial Formula #1

“We’ve been trying to solve {pain} forever, but {objection}.
With {product}, we’re finally able to {goal}. The whole team loves it.”


{First & Last Name}
{Job Title}, {Client Company}



Complete example:


“We’ve been trying to solve marketing forever, but we don’t have the time and expertise.
With GETitOUT, we’re finally able to generate all our marketing texts & materials with ease.
The whole team loves it.”


Jane Doe
Founder, Incredible Business Inc.

Testimonial Formula #2

“We were struggling with {pain}, but {objection}.

After buying {product}, we even managed to {goal}.”


Complete example:


“We were struggling with making effective internal audits, but we missed experience and talent.

After buying a pro plan from QuickBooks, we even managed to reduce our financial risks.”

Testimonial Formula #3

“I was desperate to overcome {pain}, but {objection}.
When I started using {product}, I could finally {goal}.”


Complete example:


“I was desperate to overcome complicated customer tracking and reporting, but I wasn’t convinced to invest money in a CRM. When I started using SalesForce, I could finally track effectively my CSRs activities and felt like selling more!”

Testimonial Formula #4

“As soon as we started using {product}, {pain} was a thing of the past.

We were able to {goal}, despite {objection}.”


Complete example:


“As soon as we started using Zendesk, weak customer relationships were a thing of the past. 
We were able to get closer to our clients, despite having little time to learn how to use the new platform!”

Testimonial Formula #5

“We spent a lot of time and money trying to {pain}, but {objection}
Anyways, that was way before we {product} and started {goal}.
This tool is worth every penny!”


Complete example:


We spent a lot of time and money trying to strengthen our cybersecurity, but it seemed like walking blindfolded.

Anyways, that was way before we got enrolled in Syxsense and started getting rid of ever-evolving cyber threats. This tool is worth every penny!

⭐️ What benefits do you get from all this?

In a nutshell, these are some of the benefits you get from simple actions such as editing a Pro Quote Template, creating the quote, and sharing it via LinkedIn, Social Media, Email, etc.: 

  • Organic word-of-mouth marketing
  • Deeper connection with your target audience
  • Improved brand/product reputation
  • More credibility and trustworthiness from customers to strangers
  • Practical and trustful way to engage new customers

Last but not least: Don’t forget to keep track of your customers and learn constantly from them

You just learned a bit more about how valuable your clients and their opinion are so you better begin analyzing them closely. How they use and think about your product will help shape your marketing, sales, and development.

Based on your real clients, you can start creating Buyer Personas, which will help you find and understand other ideal clients and create marketing materials that make selling your product a straightforward process.

Feel like starting now? With GETitOUT’s Clients and Buyer Personas Tools you can analyze your current clients while creating new Buyer Personas that help you understand how to reach new target audiences.

Build your first buyer personas today and sign up for the free trial:

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