Build Personas For Marketing Fast

Marketing works better with personas. But creating them for every project and client? Not fun, at least until now.

Meet GETitOUT’s Persona Generator: Extract personas from competitors. Generate professional texts. Then paste them into all your websites, emails, and marketing tools.

Marketing agency or consultant? All your clients’ personas, texts & branding will be just 1 click away 🤯
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Doing Marketing for Your Clients or In-House?
Then GETitOUT is for You.

Marketing Agencies & Pros

Onboard your clients faster and analyze their product, market, and competition.

Delight your clients and earn more with beautiful deliverables from Brand Books to Landing Pages and Presentations.

Incubators, VCs & Consultants

Help startups and founders get their marketing right from the get-go and avoid developing products that nobody wants.

GETitOUT turns marketing into a systematic, step-by-step process. The result: Getting to product-market-fit faster!

In-House Marketing Teams

Get clarity about your ideal clients and offer, and analyse your competition to stand out from the crowd.

Let GETitOUT generate ready-to-use landing pages, emails, and more: With compelling texts. Correct structure. In your design.


Get Your Marketing Projects Done Right.

Find ideal buyer personas and turn features into irresistible benefits.
Generate landing pages, emails, and more – with professional texts, in your design.


Quick & Easy Access to Brand & Features

Easily document features (or services) with professional texts and images. Add company details, values, and team, and define the brand with logos, colors, and fonts. No more searching – everyone is finally on the same page.

GETitOUT is the perfect way to manage different products and develop their marketing message and branding – a centralized place for our entire team.

Selle Evans
Masterly Business Solutions


Find Your Ideal Clients with Buyer Personas

Create Buyer Personas to find and understand your ideal clients. Analyze existing Clients and Competitors to stand out from the crowd. Then use these insights to create landing pages and emails that attract happy, paying customers.

GETitOUT’s ability to create buyer personas, and from those personas to generate landing pages and other marketing assets, is highly promising.

Henry Hoe


Create Marketing Texts that Wow Your Clients

Clients don’t care about you – they care about what’s in it for them. Turn features into tangible benefits that build trust and rapport. The result: Higher conversion rates and consistant, attractive messages for all your marketing materials.

GETitOUT is the first tool that actually helps you create your emails, landing pages, etc. – step by step. With texts that work, in your design.

Reynard Baillou


Generate Marketing Materials in Minutes.

No more staring at a blank page, no more reinventing the wheel: Let GETitOUT generate your landing pages, emails, presentations, promotional materials, and so much more – ready to use, with professional marketing texts, in your design.

GETitOUT enables you to be 5 times faster. It helps you create a consistent and professional marketing system that attracts and converts your clients.

Cristina Balaban

Your GETitOUT Marketing Coach: Stop Guessing & Get Real Results

Struggling to find time for marketing? Or not your strong-suit?

Your personal GETitOUT coach will help you build your marketing from the ground up and get it right. You’ll stay committed and motivated by the results.

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Getting the marketing right is a real challenge for a bootstrapped B2B SaaS like us. Now we have several funnels that bring in a steady stream of new leads. And we stay highly motivated.

Josh Harris


Get Your Marketing Done. Right. 💪

Take the guesswork out of marketing: Find your ideal clients, build a strong marketing foundation, and generate attractive websites, landing pages, and emails for your clients or yourself - with professional texts, in your design.