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If you don’t get all your marketing right, your clients won’t find you. Or they won’t buy.For founders and entrepreneurs like us, there just aren’t enough hours in a day. But how do you get your business out there if you don’t have the time or resources to hire an agency, or marketing isn’t your strong-suit?

That’s why we’ve built GETitOUT: So you can get your marketing done right, focus on building your business, and get your product or service out there!

You don’t need the world’s most fancy website or campaign to succeed. You need a marketing system that creates all the important pieces for you, in a consistent and professional way that attracts and converts your clients.

If the best website builder or text generator were enough, every business would be a stellar success.

GETitOUT is not another online course.

GETitOUT makes marketing systematic and guides you step-by-step to build a strong marketing foundation with tangible results.

Educating yourself via YouTube and online courses is tedious. And can you really put everything into practice?

GETitOUT is not another text generator.

First, GETitOUT gets you clarity by defining your ideal clients and your offer. Then, it generates texts that truly connect with your clients.

Most copywriting tools generate texts based on keywords. The result is generic and lacks the power to attract and convert.

GETitOUT is not another website builder.

GETitOUT generates ready-to-use websites, emails, and much more: With compelling texts. Correct structure. In your design.

It’s easy to buy a beautiful WordPress template. But there are no texts. No images. It’s not in your design. And how do you structure it right?

How It Works 🤔

No More Guesswork

Step 1: Build a Strong Marketing Foundation to Attract Your Ideal Clients.

Being crystal-clear about the features of your product (or the services you provide) is the first step to create your successful marketing foundation. The goal: Communicate clearly what you actually do.

Forget those scattered Google Docs: You’ll finally have all the information and texts in one place.

Buyer Personas help you find and understand your ideal clients and are the basis to create marketing messages that speak to them – making the decision to buy your product a no-brainer.

Start with just one Buyer Persona, one that allows you to make educated guesses about them. GETitOUT will create all your texts and marketing materials geared perfectly to your Buyer Personas.

Anyone who solves the same problem you solve is a competitor. Analyzing your competitors’ websites gives you valuable insights for your Buyer Personas and positioning.

Think of the possible types of competitors: apart from companies similar to you, who offers products or services that solve the same problem? Then add at least one competitor for each type.

Add a few real and typical clients, ideally by interviewing them. How they use and think about your product will help shape your marketing, sales, and development.

Don’t just choose clients you already happen to have: Pick those that get the most out of your product or service. They should be real-world examples of your Buyer Personas

No More Writer’s Block

Step 2: Create Irresistible Messages & Texts That Wow & Convert Your Clients.

Here’s the hard truth: Clients don’t care about you. They care about what’s in it for them. In this step, you’ll translate your features and services into tangible benefits that will wow your clients and resonate with them.

The GETitOUT Benefit Assistant makes it easy to find your benefits by helping you link your features to the pains and goals of your Buyer Personas.

With call-to-actions, you convert anonymous visitors into leads, usually by offering something free like a lead magnet, discovery session or trial – in exchange for their contact information.

Pick from several call-to-action types, add form fields for the information you want to gather, and manage your leads: either directly in GETitOUT or by sending them to your email marketing tool.

Words are the essence of every marketing material. Your messages connect with your potential clients, create trust and rapport and ultimately turn them into happy, paying customers.

GETitOUT generates clear and concise marketing texts, based on your offer and buyer personas. For websites, landing pages, emails and collateral materials.

No Need to Be a Copywriter or Designer

Step 3: Generate Attractive Websites & Emails, Complete with Texts, and in Your Design

Publish in GETitOUT, export, or copy & paste to your favorite tools 😉

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Business Cards

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Many More...

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If your work involves marketing, GETitOUT will make your life so much easier.

Small Businesses 

& Startups

GETitOUT is ideal for busy founders and small business owners who want to build their marketing from the ground up.

Get your marketing done right, and you’ll attract more ideal clients and convert them into happy, paying customers.


If you’re an established or growing business and want to expand to new niches & markets, GETitOUT will help you fine-tune your marketing.

GETitOUT empowers your in-house marketing team and organizes your marketing foundation, texts, and materials in one place.

Marketing Agencies
& Freelancers

GETitOUT is the perfect companion for every Marketer who wants more freedom:

Get more client projects done faster, no matter their industry. Build your clients’ marketing foundation with texts, benefits, and personas. Generate marketing texts, websites, emails and more.

Get Your Marketing Done. Right. 💪

Take the guesswork out of marketing: Find your ideal clients, build a strong marketing foundation, and generate attractive websites, landing pages, and emails for your clients or yourself - with professional texts, in your design.

Dane Golden

Co-Founder, VidTarget

I was a FOOL! And I’m embarrassed about it. I have made a career out helping launch startups, and companies have paid me a lot of money to help them with their marketing. But I never realized how poorly I was doing it until I used the GETitOUT platform.

Portland (OR), United States.           YouTube Campaign Optimization

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