How to Get Your Customers to Sell for you on LinkedIn | Free Template Included

Today, let’s discover together one of the best free marketing channels you can use to share your Customer Testimonials.

AND NO! – It is not email marketing. The main character of this article is LinkedIn, “the leading social network for marketers and business professionals.”, according to Neil Patel, one of the great marketing minds out there.

Quick Refresher | Customer Testimonials: Definition and Key Elements

Let’s quickly review what Customer Testimonials are.

What is a Customer Testimonial and what elements go into it?

A customer testimonial is a unique piece of positive opinion, converted into a recommendation. From satisfied customers that affirm the value of your products or services.

Customer Testimonials are mostly composed of goals, pains, objections/obstacles, and the referred product or service.

Full example and one of five Testimonial Formulas we shared previously: 📌

We were struggling with making effective internal audits, but we missed experience and talent.
After buying a pro plan from QuickBooks, we could even reduce our financial risks.”

Now, after this brief reminder, let’s have a word about LinkedIn.

Facts are better than just words, so take a look at these 2 data-points about LinkedIn:

👉🏻 LinkedIn is the top-rated organic social media platform for B2B marketers.

53% of B2B Customers state that they make decisions based on friends’ and colleagues’ recommendations to avoid getting spammed via ads and emails. (Cinthya Palomeque)

👉🏻 LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of the B2B leads from social media.

These facts can give you an idea of the entire potential you can take advantage of by using LinkedIn to share Customer Testimonials.

What do you actually get from doing this? As mentioned in the previous chapter, you can get:

  • Improved and elevated brand/product reputation
  • Deeper connection with your target audiences
  • Organic word-of-mouth marketing

AND even more advantages like:

  • Creating the context to share a Landing Page to show and collect Customer Reviews (which you can generate from a template in GETitOUT)
  • Promote more conversational moments with your audience so you collect more feedback.
  • Remember to spread even more the experience of your users by creating an email marketing campaign or building a specific page or section in your website to display Testimonials and Success Stories.

Shameless plug: You can create all these materials in the blink of an eye inside GETitOUT without using any other tool.

Before we jump in, here’s how to easily improve your Testimonial Content:

1️⃣ Words and images are beautiful, but videos are powerful: don’t forget to alternate between common quotes, flyers and videos of your customers.

2️⃣ First and foremost, set your goals: guesswork sometimes is just unavoidable, but if you set solid and realistic goals for your strategy, measuring success will be easier and clearer.

3️⃣ Consistency, consistency, consistency: Creating the habit of posting regularly is essential if your goal is to build trust and rapport with your target audience. “On LinkedIn, Pages that post updates at least weekly receive 2x more engagement.” (LinkedIn)

4️⃣ Document and Measure: “Document it ‘till you make it” (and then measure your results). Embrace metrics and numbers as part of the work because this is the only thing that will tell you if you’re heading to your goals or not.

Remember to adjust based on what your audience’s engagement is showing you. Pay attention to the “robust suite of analytics to measure every aspect of your program”.

✏️ Steal This Free Ready-To-Use Google Slides Quotes Template And Start Publishing Testimonials on LinkedIn

Time for the freebies! Feel free to use this Google Slides Quotes template so you can quickly create content and share it on your LinkedIn profile with no stress. Just make sure to make this exercise with honesty and transparency!

But wait! Don’t just rush to publishing without knowing some best practices to make it even better:

  • It’s always better if you can tag your clients in the post so people can see it is not just fake advertising.
  • If possible, record a video of your Customer Testimonial to elevate the sense of reliability. Don’t worry if you can’t do it, since you can always ask your clients for a high-quality picture in which their face is visible.
  • Don’t forget to put the person’s and company’s name in both the caption and the image.
  • Show the numbers! Try to collect and insert solid data points that show the impact of your product or service.

How to get and use this free template?

📋 Click here to access the template & Make a copy of this ready-to-use Google Slides template in your Drive

🧩 Edit the template replacing the blocks corresponding to the analysis of your Buyer Persona

📸 Save it as an image, and double-check everything to publish later on LinkedIn.

Keep in mind the following sizes: 💡 Post image size: 1200 x 1200px (square) 1080 x 1350px (portrait)

Store your Customer Testimonials and keep an eye on your best-performing clients

You just learned a bit more about how valuable your clients and their opinion are so you better begin analyzing them closely and also some good practices to take full advantage of it by creating Customer Testimonial posts.

For real, LinkedIn is an amazing marketing platform that can get you closer to making your customer sell for you!

That being mentioned, you better start using both GETitOUT Clients and Buyer Personas Tools you can analyze your current clients while creating new Buyer Personas that help you understand how to reach new target audiences and collect and store reviews and testimonials.

Take the first step and start your free trial:

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