Step-by-Step: How to Build Empathetic Marketing Texts Based On Buyer Personas

Have you ever felt like your marketing texts are well structured but they lack power to reach your audience? If your answer is yes, then you don’t know enough about your current customers, ideal clients and potential buyers – aka your buyer personas.

But here’s the question: Which type of Personas? Should you address your User Persona or maybe your Buyer Persona? You can learn more about personas in this related article so we don’t divert here!

In this specific case, the main focus will be Buyer Personas due to the nature of writing winning sales texts and not designing complete user experiences, a scenario in which the protagonist might be your User Persona.

Quick Refresher | What is a Buyer Persona?

In a nutshell, a Buyer Persona is a representation of your ideal customers. This representation is build from research and data (age, demographics, interests, job titles, affinities, etc.), of your current clients and some educated guessing.

Now, what other two elements are essential for building solid and realistic Buyer Personas? Let’s see the way you can build them with GETitOUT’s Buyer Persona Generator, in which an AI assistant even suggests pain points and goals automatically. DOPE!

Just answer these questions:

  • What are they struggling with? That’s pains.
  • What do they need to get done? That’s goals.

Both Pains and Goals are the key to creating effective marketing materials, among which you can find all kinds of copy and sales texts. Once you know your buyer personas, writing great texts for your quotes, websites, and emails will feel a lot easier.

💡 3 Quick Foolproof Tips To Write Empathetic Marketing Texts

  • Write along your reader (imaginatively): always think about who is going to read your texts. This gets easier and more honest when you learn and research more and more so you can make your audience know that you really care about them.
  • Inject emotions into your texts: most of the times, we human beings end up making decisions with our hearts, which means that if you know how to invoke emotions properly, you’ll make your customers feel understood.
  • Don’t confuse empathy with sympathy: remember that being empathetic is understanding and sharing someone else’s emotions while being sympathetic means that you acknowledge the misfortune of others and feel sorry for them


Time to put this into practice!

Learn the Step-by-Step Process to Create Buyer Personas Fast with GETitOUT

Let’s go from how you can create realistic and professional Buyer Personas and then write empathetic and effective marketing texts (and materials).

👥 New Buyer Persona

Go to Buyer Personas tool and click on “New Buyer Persona”.
You can either start from scratch or edit one of the 20+ professional ready-to-go presets:

🔍 Demographics & Firmographics

As needed, start by editing the “Demographics” and “Firmographics” section of your Buyer Persona.
Use “Changes & Notes” to document your creation.

KEEP IN MIND: 💡 The more you research, the better data you’ll have to input here. If you don’t have any, use your experience with customers or resort to your gut feeling with some educated guessing.

🔥 Add Pains & Goals

Focus on addressing the problems or obstacles that are holding your customers from success but also don´t forget about their goals and dreams, the things they’re aspiring to do or be.

Short on ideas? Use GETitOUT’s AI assistant to suggest pains & goals.

Enter a job title of your buyer persona like “Marketing Manager”, and let GETitOUT’s AI suggest pain points and goals. Or enter a common pain point or goal, and GETitOUT will suggest many more. It’s really that easy.

Or use GETitOUT’s huge dictionary of pain points and goals to create your buyer personas fast and find inspiration:

⭐️ Prioritize and Define, Choose Relevant Ideas:

Classify both pains and goals in order of relevance by changing their order via drag-and-drop, so you have always on top the most impactful ideas. Also, feel free to drag and drop pains to goals and vice-versa.

Need your Buyer Personas to-go? 🧩 Use the GETitOUT Chrome Extension along your favorite marketing tools!

Improve and adapt your Marketing Texts & Materials from other tools based on your Buyer Personas analysis done inside GETitOUT. For example, you can have some pains & goals at hand when creating email marketing campaigns on MailChimp, or while designing a new Landing Page on WordPress.

One more thing | Get assisted by AI Technology when creating Buyer Personas in GETitOUT

Sign up for free and give the GETitOUT Buyer Persona Generator a try. Add your product/service, and create your first buyer persona. An AI assistant even suggests pains and goals automatically.

Feel like starting now? Also, with GETitOUT Clients Tool you can analyze your current clients to then create more realistic Buyer Personas that help you understand how to properly reach your target audiences.

Build your first buyer persona now – for free:

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